Missed Call Service

An innovative way to connect with your customers

A Marketing tool for your business

Ozonetel enables businesses to run “Missed call campaigns” on its platform. Ozonetel has created a world record by handling over 1 billion Missed calls in the last nine months for its customers. We run the World record holding KKT campaign for Hindustan Unilever, the largest missed call campaign in the world (Read).

Missed call application What can a business do with a missed call?

Measure marketing campaigns, reach the right target segments and get the best ROI on promotional campaigns

  • Lead Generation

    Marketers run promotional campaigns across mediums but find a challenge to judge ROI’s. Missed calls help to capture 100% of the leads coming from different mediums.

  • Survey and Feedbacks

    Businesses can get real time customer feedback on service/product and if required alerts can be built on SLAs and actions can be taken. The surveys can be in the language of choice.

  • New user activations

    Generate interest and get new users engaged with the brands via different campaigns.

  • Run Contests & Content on Demand

    Incentivize users / target audience to engage with the brand. Give content on demand to users on information like help material, new offers, new products etc.

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Missed-Call-ServiceHow it Works

Customers gives missed call to promoted number (Product, TV, Social media, papers etc.) Each missed call is recorded in a database of prospect customer. Companies use the database to authenticate, advertise or engage with them. And incentivize them with options like - free talktime, free content(audio songs), vouchers etc.



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