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  • Key Metrics to monitor for a Contact Centre

    Now a days it’s imperative to monitor a comprehensive set of metrics, which can help businesses understand the overall performance of a contact center. Read more

    How to choose a call center solution

    Check what all the parameter you should consider, before selecting a call center solution? Read more

    Benefits of integrating Telephony with Zoho CRMs

    The CRM & the telephony working independently lead to a drop in an executive’s efficiency. All these unknowns can be addressed by integrating both the solutions. Read more

  • What is Cloud Telephony

    Understand the basics of cloud telephony, it's high level architecture and key benefits. Read more

  • How to setup IVR system

    Having realised the potential benefits of having IVRs in your customer service. Lets look at few factors that are to be considered while setting up the IVR. Read more

    How to choose an IVR for your business

    It does not matter whether you are a Big Organisation or a Startup, Customer service is a non negotiable in building customer loyalty Read more

  • Basics of Toll Free Number in India

    Any business wants to provide a hassle free communications to their customers and the first thing that comes to mind is a toll free number,

    Read more
  • VOIP in India

    For B2B VoIP services, there is lot of confusion around the service that is permitted in India.

    Read more

    Understand WebRTC

    Understand WebRTC & its usage and limitations in contact center Read more

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