Toll Free Number in India

Any business wants to provide a hassle free communications to their customers and the first thing that comes to mind is a toll free number.

What is a toll free number? Let’s look at a few facts and relevant use case.

It is a 11-digit number “18XX-XXX-XXXX”, in India & starts with 18XX number series.
It’s a front facing number , and needs to be mapped to a landline or mobile number where each call will land. According to business needs calls can be routed to multiple locations also.
One cannot make outgoing calls from a Toll Free Number .
As the name suggests, the calling party does not have to pay any charges and is borne by the called party i.e. the organization owning the toll Free Number ..
As it used by businesses, the call charges are higher than normal consumer calling charges. To partially reduce this cost, Telcos have come up with a partial TFN series in which the calling party is charged a local call rate instead of passing the entire charge onto the called party. This is usually available in a 1860 – XXX – XXXX format.
A single number is accessible throughout India, no STD facility is required to access the service. TFN is a region agnostic and can be procured from anywhere on a pan india basis.
Acquiring a Toll Free no . is more expensive than a normal business landline number and comes with a one-time cost, security deposit and monthly fixed charges.

Services availed on a Toll Free Number :

Toll free number comes with a simple IVR, call routing, call monitoring, call analytics etc. Many cloud telephony companies also provide this service.
Calls landing on this TFN can be routed to any landline or mobile number. Here it is advisable to check for inter-connectivity if the landline is from a different provider compared to the TFN.

Who can use toll free number service.

Enterprises or organizations - with large customer base or businesses running incoming call centers.
B2C - product and service company
Organizations - providing special support or service like NGO’s, emergency service during natural calamity How to get Toll Free Number:
All the telecom service operators and few cloud telephony companies provide toll free numbers. It is advisable to acquire the toll free number from a telecom operator and possess its ownership .
It’s imperative to monitor a comprehensive set of metrics, which can help businesses understand the overall performance of a contact center. The metrics should cover all the stakeholders in a contact centre i.e. call centre agent, customers, manager, thus being holistic in nature.

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