SMS Service

A personalised communication with your customers

Reach Targeted Audience & Improve Customer Service

In the mobile age, consumers are constantly on the move and rely heavily on their phones for majority of their communication. Ozonetel taps into this highly effective communication medium and provides various SMS Service. Our sevices helps to impove support and aid in marketing. With our SMS service you can send
  • Transactional SMS - In the information age, customer prefers to receive SMS for every event or action. Ecommerce companies send SMS for every event after customer place an order, banks send SMS for every transaction or for any remainder. These are just few uses cases, transactional SMS is used across industry for varied scenarios
  • Promotional SMS - It is most preferred channel for promoting a new product or service, it is also a cost effective way to increase awareness about new offering within a second in a single click.
  • Bulk SMS - Schools uses the channel to inform all parents about an event, hospitals uses it for an awareness campaign to their patients, even government leverage the channel in case of natural calamity or emergence. Like this there are numerous use cases across the industry.
  • Missed call application Salient features of Ozonetel's SMS Service

    • Complete Customer Support Solution

      Transactional SMS is just one of our service. We provide complete customer service solution via call, SMS , email and social media

    • Promotional Campaign

      You can run promotional campaign on various channels missed call, SMS, IVR blast etc.

    • Live Analytics & Dashboard

      We provide all relevant reports, live analytics, campaign reports and dashboards, that can help in better business decision-making.

    • Integrate with CRM and Analytics Solution

      Solution is readily integrated with all major CRM and ticketing solutions, we provide APIs for any customized integration

    • Scalable Solution

      It's highly scalable solution, can start with low volume SMS and can increase it as per business need

    • Mobililty

      Don't need any harwdware/software, just need a web brower to use Ozonetel's service

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