Call Center Setup

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How to setup call center for your business?

Every business whether it is small, mid-sized or big enterprise needs a call center for customer service or lead generation. According to business needs, call centers could be:

  • Inbound : Here you receive calls for support or enquiries
  • Outbound : Call prospects as part of Outbound Sales campaigns or Inside sales campaigns
  • Blended : Empower the call center executives to make & receive calls at the same time.

Traditional call centers require huge investment in setting up hardware and then maintaining it, which comes at a significant cost to the company. With emergence of cloud technology , now call center can be setup without any initial investment.

Saas call center setup-Ozonetel Cloud Call Center setup by Ozonetel

For setting up a cloud, we don’t require any hardware or software. It’s delivered as a pay-per-use service. All that is needed is a chrome browser and agents can take calls on any phone – Mobile, Landline, Softphone, IP Phone.

This solution is advisable for small to mid-size call centre having 1-25 agents.

  • Benefits of cloud call center are:

    • Zero initial investment and maintenance cost.
    • Highly scalable solution : Start with one seat, could easily scale up to meet your business need.
    • Mobility : Can take call from any location.
    • Easy to upgrade: Software upgradation is very easy..

cloud telephony Architecture
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Missed call application Shared Call Center by Ozonetel

This solution is recommended for a centerlized call center having more than 25 agents

In this setup the oganization has to take a PRI line from telcomm service provider and ozonetel will provide a call server. The call server would be placed on company's premise. It’s also delivered as a pay-per-use service and agents can take calls on any phone – Mobile, Landline, Softphone, IP Phone.

Missed-Call-ServiceFey Features of Ozonetel's Call Center Solution

  • Faster & Easy Deployment

    Deploy your full-fledged Call Center in just a few hours. Integrate with Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify and more in just a click. Configure IVR, phone numbers and more in real time

  • Improve Leads & Customer Service

    Personalize customer interactions by integrating with CRM. Allow your agents to work from anywhere and stay connected when customers need them most.

  • Advanced Call Features

    Leverage industry-first applications such as multiple dialers, screen pop, Mini CRM, Google Analytics, and more.

  • Live Analytics & Dashboard

    Detailed call report,live analytics, campaiugn report and many other report/dashboard, which help in business decision

Case Study

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Customer Experience

Raj Sivaraju - CEO,

"Thanks Ozonetel for your outstanding support. You and your team have supported us through this almost “unrealistic” timelined project.We look forward to working on many more projects with you"

Call Center testimonial
Navneet Agarwal - Director IT, Agarwal packers & movers.

“Our expertise does not lie in running a customer support center which requires technology experts and huge capital investments. Ozonetel has been managing our voice communication for the last 48 months. We find the platform stable, thus allowing us to invest time in other areas of business." Read More..

FAQ for setting up a call center

Do you provide call center process?

We don't provide call center process/clients or call center manpower. we only provide the solution required to setup a call center
You don't need any hardware or software to start the service. You just need internet connection and chrome brower to start the call center.
If you want to setup an inbound call center i.e call center to receive calls, you don't need an internet connection, you can take calls on your mobile or landline phone. Internet connection is required for outbound call center and initial configuration
In India, as per TRAI regulations mixing of IP and PSTN call is not permitted, you can't start IP based call center in India. You can start IP based call center for the country where it is legal.
You will get an unique local landline number.
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